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hotline number:
+45 40 170 970

In-Situ Machining service world wide

Short overview of some of the services Metalock Denmark are able to offer:

In-Situ Machining

Insitu of CrankpinMilling, grinding, turning and line boring. Machining and honing of journals up to diameter 1200 mm, flanges up to 5000 mm.
Cutting of pipes up to diameter 950 mm including shaping of weld groove. Milling of foundations, keyways, joint surfaces, etc.

Diesel engines

In-Situ machining of crank pins and main bearings journals, propeller shafts, line boring of main bearing pockets, milling of frames and foundations. Machining of landing surface for cylinder liner. Line boring for fitted bolts.

Crack test

Performed with Magnaflux, u/v light or penetration.

Cracked cast iron

Metalock of cast iron is a well approved method since 1938. This method has saved a lot of machine frames, pumpes, presses and engines from scrapping.

Termal- and plasmaspraying

Metalspraying of all kinds of material. Spraying can be performed In-Situ, combined with In-Situ machining.


Reconditioning of white metal bearings, Hardness test, Levelling test, Laser Alignment etc.